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Reiki Treatments
During a Reiki session, you lie fully clothed on a massage table under blankets. The practitioner transmits Reiki by placing her hands on your head, torso, and back, giving extra attention to specific concerns. There is no manipulation of the body.

Your treatment is 75-minutes.
Distance Reiki Treatments

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"Remarkable support"     "I am ready for my surgery"    "Relaxing and rejuvenating"     "Deeply calming, centering"

Discover the gentle healing energy of a Reiki treatment.
In these times, you may prefer a distance Reiki treatment. Treatments are transmitted at an arranged time, addressing your body, mind, and heart. Specific areas of concern are added.

Your distance treatment is 20-minutes.

Distance treatments are a traditional part of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho.The benefits are the same as a hands-on session.

Ask about a Zoom distance treatment. 
We follow all sanitizing and safe practices for in-person Reiki treatments. During the pandemic, masks are required; your temperature will be taken.
Please request a distance treatment if you have any Covid19 symptoms or other contageous illness.

Hands-on Fee: $80/session
Do you have a chronic or serious illness? Four sessions within one week to one month are traditionally recommended.

4 sessions: $260
Payment due at first session.

Distance Fee: $45/session
If you have a chronic or serious illness, we recommend four sessions within one week to one month. 

4 distance sessions: $165
Payment due before first session.