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"Rebecca is a skilled & knowledgeable practitioner who shares Reiki accessibly and with great respect."

- Robin Patch, MA, RN, Client & Student 
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Welcome to Reiki Healing Arts Vermont
If you’re looking for professional experience and guidance based on over 30 years experience, Reiki Healing Arts Vermont is the right place.

At Reiki Healing Arts Vermont, you will receive Reiki through gentle and non-manipulative touch for the benefit all aspects of your being with Rebecca Rueter, Reiki Master since 1988.

Reiki Treatments

For reduction of stress or exhaustion

For chronic pain management

For coming to balance of body, heart, mind & spirit

Reiki Training

First Degree Reiki - Learn to share with yourself, your family & friends--including pets!

Second Degree Reiki - Known as the "practitioner's degree," it is for deepening one's practice after six plus months using First Degree training.
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